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Many people have been going surfing from London for a long time. But only after sitting on a beach on a flat day (not surfing!) I really realised how beautiful a surf trip can be, even if you are not totally bonkers about catching amazing waves.


I was teaching a friend who was using their company car (fuel expense paid) and we were wild camping so we kept the prices low, and always had fun. We wanted to spend very little, so we could afford to go more often!

We realised our city dwelling friends were missing out because they “didn’t know anything about surfing” or “didn’t know anyone to go with”. We eventually persuaded them to come with us (Get On Board)… and they all LOVED it.

So on August 2012 with nothing but a Facebook Group, a credit card and an idea London Surf Breaks run it’s first trip. We have now taken hundreds of like minded people, with many different surfing abilities to lot’s of great destinations.

Whatever the weather, whatever the waves, we always have fun :)

Go surfing in 2018 Yeeeww!!

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