Offline House, Portugal


Private outside terrace, En-suite bathroom, minibar/fridge

More Info:

We have three identical double rooms with all the comfort you need. Private bathroom, mini-fridge, cozy porch, and the swimming pool view. You’ll also have our welcoming garden you can use anytime you want. We have a common barbecue / kitchen area that is also available at any time of the day if you fancy cooking something.



Do you want to have a holiday away from your smartphone,

somewhere where you can switch off from work and modern life?
Are you tired of social media and do you want to meet new people in a relaxing environment?

We have a holiday for you! In our house in southern Portugal you can experience being offline
while socialising and taking part in our activities.
Disconnect to Reconnect with real life.

studio room triple room double room Dorm


ALJEZUR, Southwest Portugal

Aljezur is part of the still untouched Algarve. Part of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park, it’s a dream for surfers and for the ones who prefer exploring Portugal at a non-so touristy Algarve. Its agriculture is strong and you can contemplate the pine woods in the morning, go surfing in the afternoon, and reach an old town’s viewpoint to watch the sunset over the cork oaks.

The OFFLINE project began in London, UK, where smartphones were people’s best friends in front of our eyes: on trains and buses, in restaurants and bars, in people’s hands as they walked towards us on the street.
We noticed how such devices controlled people’s lives, including our own. 
The lack of face-to-face interactions in a city with millions of people made us rethink our group dynamics and pushed us to do something about it.